Service : Prise de rendez-vous en-ligne Prise de rendez-vous en-ligne

Service : Prise de rendez-vous en-ligne Prise de rendez-vous en-ligne


Advanced Connected Car Services

A world of support services that enhance your security, comfort and confidence – every time you get behind the wheel.

Free for the first three years. Available feature.

Getting Started

Through the smartphone app, Kia Connect provides access to the latest connected car services technology. Enrollment is easy and the service is free for the first three years!

Enroll on the app

Download the mobile app for full enrollment from the Google Play Store3, the App Store2, or BlackBerry App World4. Click on ‘New User’ and follow the simple instructions to enroll.

Enroll on the website

Visit for full enrollment online. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the simple instructions to enroll.

Kia Connect Innovations


Remote Start/Stop with Climate Control
Start your Kia remotely right from your smartphone. You can set the remote start’s engine running time, and even set the cabin temperature before you get in your Kia.

Remote Door Lock/Unlock
Lock or unlock your car remotely beyond the range of your key fob, for even greater convenience and peace of mind.

Remote Horn/Lights
Trigger horn and lights remotely to identify your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

Remote Vehicle Status Check
The smartphone app enables you to check the status of your vehicle remotely – everything from fuel level and climate control options to doors lock/unlock and engine on/off.

Find My Car
Find the current location of your vehicle right from your smartphone.


Bio metric or Face ID login
You can now enter the Kia Connect app with just your fingerprint, or with no hands at all. The Bio-metric touch or Face ID login will make entering the app easier than ever.

Automatic Collision Notification
Your vehicle will automatically call for help if an accident occurs.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance
With a simple tap – Kia’s roadside assistance service is here to help in the unlikely event of a vehicle problem or roadside emergency.

S.O.S. Emergency Assistance
Touch the S.O.S. button to connect directly to an emergency response specialist – 24/7, 365 days a year. Once connected, Kia Connect automatically communicates your vehicle’s exact location and status to the emergency response team.


Fuel or km to empty
Your vehicle status screen will now display both your fuel level % and your remaining kilometer range so that you are always aware.

Maintenance Alert
Kia Connect automatically sends a service alert to your smartphone when your vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance service is due. You can also use the app to locate your nearest authorized Kia dealer.

Monthly Vehicle Health Report
You can easily keep track of your vehicle’s health with a handy monthly report card delivered directly to your smartphone or email, indicating the status of your vehicle’s different mechanical systems.

Auto Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Notification
With Kia Connect, you can receive push and/or email notifications if your vehicle’s on-board computer ever detects an issue or diagnostic code.

On-Demand Diagnostics
Run on-demand diagnostics to determine if your vehicle requires immediate attention from your dealer.

Driving Information
Learn more about your driving patterns with active monitoring and tracking of your average speed, acceleration, deceleration, trip duration and idle time, helping you to plan your route better and maximize fuel economy.


Destination Search5
Use your voice to find an address, or points of interest by category, quickly and easily from your driver’s seat, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.


Notification de fin de la recharge du véhiculeNotification of charge completion
If you drive an EV or PHEV vehicle, Kia Connect will now notify you of a completed charge 15 minutes prior so that you can be prepared.

Remote Charging Control
Displays information regarding the vehicle’s current charge, plug status, charge time and range. If the vehicle is not currently charging, this feature will display option to start the charge and vice-versa.

Target State of Charge
Allows to assign charge level settings as desired for DC (fast charge) and AC plug types.

Charging Schedule
Allows configuring the desired charge schedules of the vehicle.

Intelligent Charge
If Intelligent Charge is turned on, the vehicle will calculate the charging start time based on maximizing the charged time during the off-peak hours and the departure time to charge the battery to 100%. If this function is turned off, the vehicle will start charging immediately when it is plugged in.

Charging station Locator
A map displays the current location of the user, the vehicle, and any charging stations nearby. The address search bar allows the user to start a search for charging stations.



Kia Connect Privacy Policy

Kia Connect terms and conditons

Kia Connect emergency services

1. Service is free for the first three years from the day the vehicle was first registered. Monthly subscription may be applicable after the free period. 2. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. 3. Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. ©2017 Google. 4. BlackBerry App World is a trademark of Blackberry Inc. 5. Destination Search is only available on vehicles with a navigation head unit.

Note: Certain Kia Connect functions are only available on specific models. Please consult your dealer for details. Compatible smartphone required. Data rates may apply, please check with your wireless service provider.

Kia Connect only available on select models and trims. Specific functionality may vary between models and trims. Destination Search is only available on vehicles with a navigation head unit. Certain functions are only accessible on the smartphone app and/or customer web portal and/or in-vehicle head unit. For 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Kia models the service is free for the first three years from the day the vehicle was first registered. For model year 2021 onward the free trial period is three years. Monthly subscription may be applicable after the free period. Please consult your dealer for details.